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6 Easy Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

Your Landing Page Conversion Rate can make or break your your list building right from the start.

When your building a list, your Landing Page or squeeze page is how you actually get subscribers to opt-in to your list.

In this post, I will show you how making small changes can dramatically increase your landing page conversion rate. Just a 1% change in your opt in can mean 10 more subscribers for every 1000 visitors.

When it comes to email marketing, it’s all in the details!

Let’s get into what changes can be made to your squeeze page that will increase your opt-in rate.

1 – A/B Split Testing Saves The Day

The way we know what changes make a positive difference is by testing and tracking everything we do.

A/B Split testing is a technique of running two different squeeze pages at the same time and tracking the difference between them.

I suggest trying two completely different pages at first. Once you have narrowed down which one is performing better, start running variations on that one.

Start with the headline, it’s the most important part of your landing page. The headline is the first impression which convinces your visitor to continue or click away.

I highly recommend Words That Sell, it’s a great guide to writing catchy headlines and copywriting in general.

Moving On!

2 – Keep It Above The Fold

People are lazy, don’t make them scroll down to see your offer. Your landing page should be the first thing the visitor sees when they comes to your website. In order to keep all the your pitch “above the fold, ” you need to minimize the content, which brings us to our next tip.

3 – Keep it Simple

Most “Gurus” will tell you that you need to list all the benefits of your offer, add testimonials and a host of other information that will convince your visitor to optin to your list.

People are busy, they don’t want to have to read through a whole “Sales Page” in order to get a free gift! Keep it simple and to the point and you’ll actually get better conversions.

The best converting squeeze pages consist of only 3-4 elements:

– The Headline

– A Sub-Headline (Optional)

– Product Image

– Email Submit

That’s All!

Most people have made their decision whether they want to optin or not by the time they finish reading the headline.

Don’t give them any excuse to change their minds by adding unnecessary fluff!

4 – Make Your Gift Irresistible

Just because your giving something away doesn’t mean it should be worth nothing! These days, people guard their emails like their “first born” so the impression is that your offer isn’t actually free.

Therefore, your offer should be good enough to sell. You need to put your best foot forward so your subscriber doesn’t feel ripped off after opting in. That’s no way to start off when trying to gain someones’ trust, remember;

Subscribers buy from people they like and trust!

5 – Change Up Your Submit Button

This is another element of your Squeeze Page you really need to test. Change the color and text until you find the best converting combination.

Never use the standard “Submit” button. It gives the impression that your site is not user friendly.

Your submit button should describe exactly what the subscriber can expect after clicking that button. Avoid creating any uncertainty for the subscriber.

Make sure the submit button accurately describes what the next step will be.

“Download Now”

“Instant Download”

“Yes, Get My Gift”

“Register Free”

Color is also very important when creating your submit button.

Stay away from red, it says Stop, just like a road sign. I personally prefer blue for a submit button, it’s inviting!

6 – Forget The Spam Statement

What’s the first thing you think when you read a spam statement? This guy going to sell my info! Why would you feel compelled to explain what your doing with my email if it wasn’t legit.

Even though the Spam Statement is meant to put the subscriber at ease, it actually creates doubt. Why give them another reason to bail out? Just eliminate it!

Creating Your Landing / Squeeze Page

Now that you know what to include in your Landing Page and what to leave out, lets talk about the best way to actually create it.

If you know some HTML Code you can download Free Landing Page Templates Here.

If don’t you know HTML, you will need some kind of software to create your physical landing page so you can upload it to your server.

I use WordPress so I prefer WP Leads Plus. It’s a simple plugin that lets me create my squeeze pages fast and easy. Even sets up my autoresponder code. Download the free version Here or you can upgrade for more features.

If your looking for for a total page building system, check out Profit Builder. It will create high converting landing pages and much more. It has beautiful pre-designed templates for just about any kind of page you need for your site.

GetResponse offers a Landing Page Creator built into their autoresponder. Check out the video below.


The the most important advice I have given you here is, test, test and test some more! A/B split testing is the best way to increase your landing page conversion rate. Don’t work blind, test everything you do and you’ll know what’s working and what isn’t. It’s that simple!